How To Use Curry Leaves To Get Long And Thick Hair Fast


Hairs and problems never come to end and is a very common issue amongst the women. Every lady wants their hairs to look lustrous, smooth and straight. There are number of salon offering treatments and fill their bags with large amount of money snatched by you. Stop entertaining the whole market which offers you chemical for your hairs and you know chemicals are not good. Try some ingredients from your own kitchen fully natural and trustworthy.

Yes grow some curry leaves in your garden area, it not only beautifying your garden but your hairs also. Pluck few curry leaves and get ready to add softness and volume to your hairs. Curry leaves usually used in cooking in south part of India now popular everywhere due to its quality good for hair fall, hair thinning and ageing hairs. Along with adding it to your food you can also drink it as tea and this practice will surely give you your desired soft and smooth hairs.