How To Get Rid Of Dark, Dry Lips Naturally Without Using Lip Balm

Winters are coming along with dryness that usually shown on skin and lips. Chapped and dry lips are common in winters, as we drink less water that left lips dehydrated. This can be painful and unattractive. Some are habitual licking their chapped lips splashing saliva from tongue that make lips rougher and baked. Lip balms and other hydrating lotions do not seem helpful with this annoying sidekick.

But don’t let flaky lips get you down. Avoid using lip balms and ointments; they are responsible for discoloration of lip colour. Use natural and healthy DIY recipes to remove the dead skin making lips smooth. You can make natural lip scrub that will help you nourishing your lips removing the flaky skin. And good thing is these ingredients could easily found in your kitchen. Get ready to beat winter with this homemade lip scrub and experience soft, smooth pink lips.