15 Game Changing Eyeliner Charts For Anyone Who Struggles With Makeup


Thinking about charts reminds us our school days where we struggle with decipher and statics. These charts bothered us all at one time in past and we wonder do these chart have any relevance in future. Yes they are!

At some point they are actually helpful and informative! As now this could be helpful in guiding you for applying eyeliner with perfection.

If you are confused how your favourite model wears winged eyeliner and don’t get the idea to apply this on you or you even don’t know what this winged eyeliner is, then this could be your help. Here are few eyeliner charts that will help you elaborating your eyes more than ever before. So go through these infallible tricks to rock the world with your eyes.

1. Contour your eye like pro

Shape your eyes with dark colour that enhance the dimension and push back the features while lighter colours make eyes pop out. Chart is showing where to put appropriate eye shadow and highlights to give you perfect definition to your eyeliner.